Keowee Collie Poem

Keowee Collies

by Nancy Reid

Where the Blue Ridge yawns its greatness,

Where our collies play,

In the forest and the meadows,

Joyously each day.

Where the waterfalls are misting,

Where the lakes are still,

Here our collies love to wander,

In every glen and hill.

But when the day has ended.

And dark begins to fall.

Over the Blue Ridge Mountains,

It only takes one call.

Our collies come in one by one,

They pile up on the floor.

And rest their heads upon our knees,

For night has come once more.

One look at those expressive eyes,

Your heart is sure to feel,

Such love and loyalty are rare,  

Your collie’s love is real.

A tapestry of color,

Of sable, tri and blue.

Of glistening white,

That gleams so bright,

  And gold of every hue.