Our Collie Families

Here at Keowee Collies our collies are more than just a dog. They are family, and we feel close to the people and families who take one of our babies to love.  We appreciate that so many of our collie families continue to keep in touch with us through out the years.  We enjoy seeing the families grow and how much love they give our puppies and how our dogs love them.

There are so many interesting stories that our families have shared with us over the years.  They also have become intertwined with each other through our dogs.

The greatest compliments we get at Keowee Collies are the families that continue to come back to us wanting to share their stories and wanting another puppy to love.

Willie & Marcella Teague 

Bonnie 2003, Vera 2013 & Hogan 2013, Lady & Lucy 2023

Carolina Collie Rescue

Willie and Marcella Teague were one of the first families to get a Keowee Collie puppy.  They got Bonnie in 2003.  In 2013 they added Vera to their family.  She was a blue collie from Vivian and Angus litter.  Jim Holiday had Hogan and The Teague's were excited to add him to their family. 

Willie is a minister in NC and Marcella is the organist/pianist in the church.  They have also adopted collies in the past from the Carolina Collie Rescue.

Bonnie 2003 (picture 2010)

Hogan - 2013

Lady and Lucy - 2023

Hogan at Clemson Dog Show

Marcella and Willie visiting at Keowee with Vera and Hogan 

Vera - 2013

The Kowalski Family

Gene, Katie and Tom

Billy & Argyle 2005, Alfie & Rowdy 2011, Brinkley & Riley 2012, Bailey 2022

Billy & Argyle - 2005 (Keowee)

Collies have always been a love of the Kowalski Family.  Katie and Gene came to Keowee Collies in 2005 looking for a new baby to add to their clan.  We had a litter of puppies and the Kowalski's got a sable boy, Billy and a tri boy, Argyle. 

Billy 2005  (Keowee)

Angus & Arygle (Keowee) 2005

 Alfie & Rowdy (Keowee) - 2011

Rowdy 2011 (Keowee)

Rowdy 2011 (Keowee)

Alfie 2011

Alfie 2011

Alfie & Rowdy

Alfie 2011

Alfie & Tom

Rowdy & Tom

Tom taking care of Keowee Collie's Debbie at the Atlanta Dog Show. 

Brinkley & Riley (Keowee) 2012

Riley 2012  (Keowee's Raven & Tori sire)

Brinkley 2012

Brinkley 2012

Bailey 2022

Bailey was from Bonnie's first litter in 2022.  She is Gene's girl.

Bailey won Gene's heart on day #2! 

Only way to sleep without Gene

Bailey preparing for the Clemson Dog Show

PCC Collie Specialty

Argyle, Gene, Rowdy, Billy & Alfie

Billy, Alfie, Rowdy, Riley & Brinkley with family friend Darrel

Tom & Alfie

Tom & Gene with Rowdy and Puppy

Tom with Harry & Barkley - 2004

Kobe, Harry, Barkley & Tom - 2004

The Hammontree Family 

Lamar, Pompey, Will & Ben

Ranger 2009,  Hondo 2022 and Magnum 2023

The Hammontree's came to Keowee Collies with their two boys; Will - 8 and Ben - 4 in 2009 looking for collie.  Pompey and Lamar had collies when they were younger and decided this was the dog they wanted with their boys.  They found Ranger a beautiful Tri boy waiting just for them.  We have enjoyed watching this sweet family grow and love their collie through the years. They have kept in touch with  pictures, visits and calls.  

As Ranger was getting older the Hammontree's were wanting add another collie to their family.  At the time we had just gotten our Sweet Bonnie to add to our breeding program and they had a year to wait before she had her first litter in May 2022.  The Hammontree's were the first family on our waiting list for a puppy and Hondo was their choice - a handsome Sable and White boy.  At this time Will was a senior in college and Ben a senior in high school. 

Will and Ranger

Ben, Ranger and Will 

Will Handling Ranger at the show

Will handling Ranger at a dog show


Ranger visiting Keowee collies in 2021 at the age of 12

 Ben and Ranger

The best napping partner

The Hammontree Family with another Keowee Puppy - Hondo in 2022! 

Hondo and his new family - July 2022

Hondo - July 2022

Collie Fishing with my new family

Checking out my new yard! 

Handsome Hondo at 6 months

Ben, Hondo and Will - April 2023

Happiness is when your college boy comes home!

They added Magnum in June 2023

Hondo Meets new baby brother - Magnum

Magnum injured his leg the week he was to go to his new home.  

The Hammontree's introduced him to Hondo in a cone! 

Hondo has taken care of him since his arrival!  Collies are the most caring dogs.

Paul and Mia Pinson

Millie, Katie, Zoey, Sawyer & Isabell

The Pinson's came to Keowee Kennels in 2007 for sable girl, Millie.  

After meeting Angus, Keowee's beautiful tri boy; the Pinson's bred Millie to Angus in 2009.  

This litter gave Keowee Kennel our Duncan and they kept a Tri girl, Katie.  

Katie was later bred to Brinkley in 2013 (the Kowalski's dog) and they had Huckleberry (who went to Gene Kowalski's brother).  

The Pinson's got a beautiful blue collie, Zoey a puppy from Keowee's GCh Vivan.  Zoey was bred to Angus who then had Keowee's Dillon, Dixie and Katie Kowalski's Riley.  

Katie was bred to Hogan (Willie & Marcella Teague's dog).  This litter of 2; one sable boy and tri girl, was delivered early and had to be bottle fed.  The Pinson's needed help with these preemie babies and Keowee Kennel  helped with bottle feeding for the first 3 weeks.  This breeding gave them their beautiful, much loved, sable boy - Sawyer.



Millie & Katie 2008

Katie & Hogan's preemie litter - Sable boy (Sawyer) and Tri girl





Zoey (Vivan Puppy) 

Zoey/Angus puppies - 2010

Katie and Huckleberry - 2013

Katie and Zoey


Isabell 2022

Isabell was from Bonnie's first litter in 2022.


Isabell & Sawyer

Isabell Meeting the Family

Mary Ann Harville and Joe Cline

Hannah 2006

What can I say about this Keowee Collie Family?  They are just one of the best collie couples ever. The minute I met them I knew we had so much in common I felt we must somehow be kin. Mary Ann of "Moonshadow Collies" contacted me about a sire for her sweet tri girl, Chase; with whom she spent most of her time herding.  She chose our McDuff from our original show litter, but unfortunately it was an unsuccessful breeding.

We continued to stay in touch and keep each other informed about what all we were doing in the collie world.   

She also had 2 beautiful dogs from the Carolina Collie Rescue.  

Much of her time was spent with her horses on their beautiful farm in NC.

Joe and Mary Ann live with 6 collies and a standard Poodle, Charlie. 

I am so grateful for the relationships that have come to us through our collies friend families. 


On one of her visits to Keowee Collies she left with a five month old  leggy “adolescent” collie girl who we both saw much potential, but at the time was just a spirited rascal.

She named her sable girl Hannah and she proved to be a really gorgeous, bright light. She had the perfect home and did she ever blossom. She finished her Championship and went on to live a very happy life at Moonshadow Collies. 


She brought her back to Keowee Collies and we bred her to our Duncan.  That breeding gave Mary Ann her Laddie. Hannah later had a litter of tri pups, Melody and Shane.

Hannah at National

Hannah with Keowee's Duncan's Litter


Mary Ann loving on some of her beautiful Moonshadow Collies 

On another trip to visit, she went home with a tri girl named Josie.  Josie is from our Colleen’s litter of Ten.  

She is a story in herself since she seemed to be a stillborn pup that survived with extra vim and vigor as the saying goes.

Josie gave Mary Ann a gorgeous tri litter that is bringing families joy to this day.

Laddie and Josie


Beth Falwell


In 2009 Beth was a student at Clemson University working on her Phd.  She had a collie Mercury and was looking for a female who could take a daily run with her.  She got Venus!  After finishing her PHd: she and Venus hiked the 2,200 mile Appalachian Trail (AT) from Georgia to Maine.  

After hiking the AT Venus and a German Shepherd which was added to her family for agility and protection when hiking alone. 

Venus Birthday Party

The Pityk Family

Sandy and Aslinn 

Keowee Collies 2010 - Asa, 2013 - Laddie, 2022 - Indy and 2024 - Stryder

In October of 2010, we brought home our beautiful Asa. She blessed us with pure joy! 

Asa’s Prayer (Asa) – Vivian and Oakleaf’s Song of the South 

Asa - 3 months

Asa - 3 Years

Asa - Six Years 

Asa - 11 Years

But when we visited Nancy in 2013, we fell in love with our beautiful Laddie – and for Asa, it was love at first sight! We brought our boy home that day and for the next nine years our lives were filled with so much Collie love. 

Keowee’s Westwood Gallant Son (Laddie) – Maggie and Flyer (Westwood Flyby) 

Laddie - 2 months

Laddie and Gracie

Asa and Laddie

The Pityk Family would come and visit Keowee Collies often since they came the first time in 2010.

Indy came to us the weekend of July 4, 2022, and she’s been so much fun, and was such a comfort to Asa during her last year. All of our Keowee babies have blessed us and loved us in their own unique ways. Perfect beauty, pure joy, unconditional love – we’re so grateful for our wonderful Keowee Collies! 

Keowee’s Triple Crown Miss Independence (Indy) – Bonnie and Jamison (CH Willow Run Second To None)

Visting Indy with Asa and the family.

Asa had to give her approval.

Going home to my forever family - July 4th weekend

Asa and Indy

Our newest member of the family - Stryder April 5th 2024

Keowee's My Collie Dreams Come True (Stryder) - Heather and Brodie 

Meeting my Aunt Indy!

Indy keeps watch over baby brother and explains how everything works at his new home.

She even gives up her bed.

Nothing better than a good night with "The Wheel of Fortune"

Margaret Fowler with Aunt Elizabeth

Margaret, Aunt Elizabeth, Etta (Great Dane), Quake (Quaker Parrot)

& Keowee's Amazing Grace - "Gracie"

Margaret is an artist from Columbia, SC who inquired about our collies a couple of year's ago.  She got Gracie in July of 2022 (Bonnie's first litter).  She is the primary care-giver for her Anut Elizabeth.  They have a great dane,  Etta; and Quake, the Quaker Parrot.  Margaret has a gypsy soul and she loves to pack up her family in her vintage camper for weekend get-aways and vacations.  They spend their Winters in the Florida Keys where Gracie and Etta make friends with all the children, locals and tourists.

Margaret has a wonderful talent for capturing dog expressions in oils and chalk.

When she is off exploring she will re-create the scenery onto canvas. 

Artist extraordinaire!