Brodie & Heather Puppies 2024


Keowee's Celtic Inspiration

Clear for MDR1, CEA and DM


Keowee's Memories Are Made of This

Heather and four babies

Brodie checking on Heather and babies

Brodie and Babies! Then & Now.  Brodie looking at his new babies. 

And, Brodie looking at Heather when she was born and he was 12 weeks old.

Our Puppies and their new families

Sandy Pityk 

 Stryder (Oliver)

South Carolina 

Mary Cowen

Aran (Romeo)


Kayam and Julia Hamdar

Maggie (Juliet) 

South Carolina

Jillian and Riley Medea


New Jersey 

Jillian's parents who met us in Virginia for a puppy swap!

We love having our puppies in a home with children.  Jenny and Riley became best buds on day one!

Jenny immediately began watching and playing with her new human.