Our Collie Health & Training

MDR1 Dangerous Drugs

Information for everyone who loves their collie! Give a copy of this to your vet to put in their records to keep your collie safe.

List of Toxic & Non-Toxic plants for Dogs 

List provided by the ASPCA


Foods that your collie can and cannot eat.

The Collie Head Tilt from the sisters:

Princess, Hailey and McKenzie

 AKC STAR Puppy Class and Canine Good Citizen Class

at Anderson Dog Works instruction by Jane Fink

2505 Whitehall Ave, Anderson, SC 29621

Phone: (864) 260-9800

Puppy Classes are great for behavior and socialization skills.  They are always recommended for new puppy parents!

This is a picture explaining the reasons not to Spay or Neuter your dog too early.

These are the reasons we have included in our Sales Contract and Agreement that you are not to Spay or Neuter before 18 months.

Chart on the DNA outcomes of breeding Collies who are Clear, Carrier or Affected.