Our Collie Mom

The heart of Keowee Collies is my mother, Nancy Edwards Reid.  She is the founder and it was always her lifelong dream to live in the country with an array of animals, raising collies and riding horses.  She is a true lover of all creatures great and small.  My parents moved from Jacksonville, AL to Clemson in 1995.  They found their new home in the countryside a few miles outside of her beloved Clemson to begin living their retirement dreams. Unfortunately, shortly after they moved to Clemson my Dad had a stroke and the horse dream had to be put aside, but eventually Keowee Collies was born.  

Mom was not looking for just any dog, she searched, found, and drove to Illinois to get the Collie bitch she was looking for to begin her breeding program, and the rest is history!  For almost 30 years now she has whelped and loved well over a dozen collie babies of her own, and dozens of collie babies for others.  While she would definitely have kept them all if that were possible, because of her dedication to the health and welfare of the collie breed, she has brought joy and love through her collies to a countless number of families and individuals all over the US.

While her God and her family are her most important loves, being with and raising her collie puppies at her little farm is her happy place.  Just look at the smile in the pictures of “OUR COLLIE MOM” to see what I mean.